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Our Very Special Guests

Chief Keith Meadows serves as the first Police Chief of the City of South Fulton, Georgia. His 33-year career includes his Command Level Executive positions as the Chief of Police in the City of College Park, Georgia, Commander over Major Crimes for the Atlanta Police Department (APD), Commander for the School Police Section for Atlanta Public Schools and more. Chief Meadows is an award-winning law enforcement innovative who has instituted many community-engagement programs that focus on the reduction of juvenile delinquency, crime prevention and homicide investigations.
B.O.B. Crimes Workshops
To Buy Back Or Not To Buy Back
Not Mere Words
Reverse The Curse
Put It On Ice
Dismantling The Myth
Looking Out For You As I Look Out For  Me
Rev. Dr. R.L. White
Chief Keith Meadowst.
Chief Debra Williams
Norman A. Carter
Judge Tiffany Sellers
Judge Clinton Rucker
Dr. R.L. White is Founder and Pastor of Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  During his pastorate, he served as President of NAACP Atlanta Chapter for 17 years.  In partnership with the Fulton County Sheriff's office and Atlanta Police departments, NAACP Atlanta hosted two successful gun buy backs with an unprecedented "no questions asked" policy under Dr. White's leadership.  
Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers is a graduate of South Carolina State University (summa cum laude) and of the University of Georgia School of Law (cum laude). She was appointed as the first Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of the City of South Fulton in Fulton County, Georgia. Under Judge Sellers’ leadership, the Municipal Court was established in record-time with various progressive pretrial, reentry, mentoring and community service programs. She presently serves as a Pro Tem Judge in several Municipal Courts in the cities of Union City and Forest Park, Georgia.
Clark Atlanta University’s Police Chief Debra A. Williams has a plethora of public safety experience. Her commitment to her 34+ years of law enforcement calling has afforded this retired Major from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) numerous leadership opportunities. Some of her more notable command operations include the Executive Protection Unit, Homeland Security, VICE, narcotics, guns, gangs and the infamous REDDOG Unit.  
Mr. Norman A. Carter, Jr. is a U.S. Army veteran, a hospitality management specialist, a talk show host for WCEG Network’s Issues and Answers, and an author. His book, “The Long Blue Walk”, details his experience as a police officer (retired) with the Philadelphia Police Department. Mr. Carter presently serves as the Director of Loss Prevention and Night Manager of Georgia Tech’s Hotel and Conference Center.
Judge Clinton Rucker is a recently appointed Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of the City of South Fulton, Georgia. With several high-profile cases to his credit, this former Executive Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney’s Office maintained a 98% trial success rate. Prior to his appointment, he concurrently served as a civil rights attorney and a criminal defense attorney. Judge Rucker holds degrees from Emory University and from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.
"Think Twice:  Save A Life"
The Fulton County Sheriff Office will highlight its efforts to address the rampant gun epidemic that is wreaking havoc in Atlanta's Fulton County with its "Think Twice: Save A Life" campaign.
Civic leaders are just as concerned as the citizens about the alarming gun violence across America - let alone those skyrocketing rates in African-American communities.  After all we are parts of the same communities.  It is not mere words when the concerned and the impacted are heard to say, "It has to stop!"
This discussion will look at the on the pro's and con's of whether to buy back or not to buy back guns off the streets to impact gun violence while many are caught in a trance-like mindset that they need to be armed.
Everyone trying to do what is within their reach to do is better than a few trying to do it all to reverse the curse of black on black gun crimes in Metropolitan Atlanta.  Let's stop talking about the problem and be about the solution.  
All of us have found ourselves in those proverbial 'heated conversations' that quickly get out of control.  A few basic strategies will be shared to teach us how to recognize when we are in conversations of this nature and how to put them on ice before life-threatening conditions surge.
Many who live by the gun do so without realizing they increase their risks and those connected to them exponentially to die by the gun.  Let's dismantle the myths of gun possession with truths and facts about the great cover up!    
There are some foundational principles that communities have strayed from such as caring for others and their well-being.  Is this the answer:  Looking out for you as if you were my brother or sister as I would look out for me and my family?    
Chief Deputy Antonio Johnson

Fulton County Sheriff Office's Chief Deputy Antonio Johnson's career began with concurrent service with the U.S. Air Force and civilian law enforcement agencies.  In 2007, he was appointed as the 13th Marshal of Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia.  While there, he implemented youth mentoring programming dedicated to extending their educational careers after high school and an internship program with Georgia State University's Criminal Justice Program.  Deputy Chief Johnson holds degrees from American Military University and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (191st Session).